Fig’s Season

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Today is is the Figs’ Season Cultivation in the Middle Eastern Countriesfigue
So, weither u buy it fresh from supermarket or u grape it directly from a Fig tree during a trip ; i advice u to taste it because of its
10 health benefits :
1- increases immunity
2- controls insulin
3- lowers risks of heart diseases
4- reduces acne skin problems
5- reduces macular degeneration
6- strengthens bones
7- eases bowel functions
8- helps in weight loss by decreasing cravings to sugars
9- reduces cancer in colon , breasts and prostate
10- regulates high blood pressure
Nutrition Facts :
Each 100 grams = 74 Kcal
0.3 g fats
0.8 g proteins
19 g sugar
232 mg potassium and many other vitamins and minerals

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